Service Overview

Worldwide Onboarding and Offboarding

Hiring and employing people from other countries is difficult. We handle the complexities and are always available to you, and you outsource IT staff.


Onboarding and offering administration

As your remote IT staff begins their career with you, provide an excellent onboarding experience. Make them feel cared for by providing an employment contract that satisfies local requirements and is valued by providing a local benefits package that is both appealing and appropriate to their residence.


Employment contracts that are compliant for remote employees in various nations and areas

We can supply you with a locally compliant employment contract that fits as closely as feasible with your existing standards, whether a new hire, current contractor or employee.



We can help you communicate your company's probation policy to remote employees. We can also provide advice on foreign probationary periods, rules, and procedures to help you stay in compliance.



Suppose you or a remote virtual assistant decide to stop the work connection for any reason. In that case, Wet can assist you in guiding and processing the employee's termination and off-boarding.


International HR assistance

Examine your HR and management practices against our global database. Suppose you are ever concerned about whether you are complying with local labour laws, standards, and regulations. In that case, our international team of specialists is here to help.

HR Conformity

We assist you in hiring compliant people and navigating the legal and regulatory complexity of worldwide nations and regions. We can assist you with diverse international employment difficulties thanks to our internal legal and compliance knowledge and our overseas partner network.

Employment practices and processes that are in accordance with the law

We can assist you with compliant local employment rules and procedures throughout your hiring process, including:

  • Hiring and onboarding processes that are compliant
  • Management of probationary periods
  • Compliant payroll practices
  • Termination and disagreements
  • Maternity, paternity, and other family leaves are available.

Annexes and complex international requirements

We assist in more complex areas such as:

  • Extra pay and discretionary bonuses
  • Agreements on exchange rates for inflationary currencies
  • Work agreements that are flexible or part-time
  • Issues with performance and discipline include sending disciplinary notifications and assisting with performance improvement plans.

Model of local collaboration

We combine in-house knowledge with a network of local service partners to provide best-in-class service. Our hybrid methodology guarantees you the best local knowledge and on-time service.

Security and privacy

We are concerned about privacy and the security of our systems and communications. Visit Platform and Security for additional information on handling privacy and security.

Global Payroll Made Simple

Because of differences in local employment legislation, managing foreign payroll can be a difficult task. Our dedicated specialists make payday easier by delivering streamlined invoicing for payroll, employment taxes, and benefits in your preferred language.

Dedicated international payroll team

Your experienced international payroll team can provide customised assistance with global and local payroll and tax issues.

Invoicing has been simplified.

We manage all aspects of local taxes and cross-border payments. We can customise your invoices so that you may pay your complete team’s salaries, taxes, and benefits in one. Payroll made easy.

Management of multiple pay cycles

In accordance with local requirements, we offer worldwide payroll cycles. We can manage numerous payrolls per month, as well as 13th and 14th-month pay.

Taxes on employment

We rely on our local partnership approach for payroll support. Our hybrid methodology guarantees you the best local knowledge and on-time service.

Variable elements

We manage variable pay components ranging from commissions and bonuses to expense reimbursements.

Foreign exchange and currencies

We provide local currency payments for your remote team workers in other countries and regions and manage all foreign exchanges.


Payslips are distributed to employees in accordance with local data protection requirements.