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Roshan Sathaar

Roshan has over 20 years of experience as a Technical Solutions Architect. As a founding member of the Evocate Group, he has served as managing director for the past 13 years. He is a hands-on leader who feels that one of a company’s most valuable assets is its employees. Therefore, when possible, he tries to be engaged in every hire. Moreover, he insists on finding the perfect person for the job regardless of the effort required. As a computer engineer, his attention to detail and analytical mindset aid in selecting possible team members based on unbiased data.

Gowri Rao

Gowri is the Group Commercial Director and has over 20 years of expertise in engineering procurement, construction project management, information technology program management, and human resources. Her new areas of interest and skill have included strategic business acquisitions, expansion, and financial turnarounds in recent years. She brings an entrepreneurial approach and tremendous leadership skills. She is our primary creative strategist with excellent organisational talents in her present post. Her primary focus is promoting and expanding the Group’s commercial activity, creating income and leading to long-term growth. She previously led the Evocate Group’s Human Resources and Accounting departments as the Group’s Chief Finance Officer.

Akbar Sathaar’s experience at Populo includes business development, pre-sales, and post-sales.

Akbar Sathaar

Akbar’s experience at Populo includes business development, pre-sales, and post-sales. At Populo, his technical strengths include client solution design and management, providing more than just designing, creating, and deploying custom resource solutions. He also works on implementing robust people-centric solutions for most enterprise verticals and silos. With the growing adoption of global workforce solutions, he believes his experience will help develop solid, cost-effective solutions to bridge the gap between resourcing and business requirements.

Mark Abadee

Mark has over 30 years of senior finance, human resources, information technology, and general management expertise in various industries, including IT, property, manufacturing, health care, construction, and food. He has worked for multiple firms, ranging from top ten to mid-sized SMEs with both public and private ownership. He has supervised Human Resources teams of up to 600 people. His focus has been to assist businesses in achieving long-term growth. His financial knowledge has enabled him to comprehend the figures and translate them into actionable business advice.